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Experience the easiest and most reliable way to boost your engine’s power and torque with Revolution Performance bolt-on big bore kits. No need for modifications, these kits are designed for effortless installation.

Performance Beyond Ordinary: Unleash the potential of your engine with our state-of-the-art, all aluminum NSC plated cylinders. They’re engineered to outlast and outperform OEM cylinders while running cooler.

Perfectly Paired Components: Each kit includes a premium forged piston and a Cometic head gasket kit, meticulously matched to the cylinders.

Zero Hassle, Maximum Gain: Say goodbye to case boring and extra modifications – out bolt-on big bore kits are ready to enhance your engine as soon as they’re bolted on. Simplicity meets power like never before.

The Choice to Customize: While no additional upgrades are necessary, the door is wide open for those who want to fine-tune their ride further. Make it a complete package by adding your preferred modifications.

Big Bore Kit

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