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In Chassis Assembly or Crate Engine Assembly

Engine Assembly

  • Tragic City Customs' complete in-chassis engine assembly service is the most reliable way to rebuild your engine. You drop your complete motorcycle off at our facility and we take care of the rest. We remove the complete engine from the motorcycle chassis and begin disassemble and initial inspection. Once the engine is inspected, we verify with you what is going to be upgraded/repaired and begin the rebuild service. After the engine is rebuilt, we will install the complete engine back into your motorcycle chassis and finish the build off with a certified DynoJet tune to ensure your engine is tuned and broken in properly. Once you pick up your complete motorcycle, your engine is ready to ride.

  • Tragic City Customs offers a complete crate engine assembly that makes shipping us your engine a breeze. We ship you a hard plastic engine crate that comes with everything you need to mount your complete engine into the crate and ship it safely to our facility. Once we receive your complete engine, we will disassemble and start the initial evaluation process to verify what is going to be upgraded/repaired. After the engine is built and assembled, we ship your complete engine back to you in our secure engine crate. When you receive your engine back, it will be ready to be installed.

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