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When it’s time to unleash the beast within your engine, there’s no better choice than Revolution Performance monster big bore kits. These kits are the epitome of reliability, offering an unparalleled increase in power and torque.

Built to Last, Engineered to Excel: Our monster big bore kits feature cutting-edge all-aluminum NSC plated cylinders. These cylinders outshine their OEM counterparts by lasting longer and running cooler, ensuring your ride’s endurance and performance remain unmatched.

Precision, Right Out of the Box: Each kit includes a premium forged piston and a Cometic head gasket kit, expertly matched to the cylinders. This precision-engineered combination delivers power with pinpoint accuracy.

Power Unleashed – Modifications Required: Revolution Performance monster big bore kits are the real deal, but they do require specific modifications and upgrades to your engine. These include case boring, crankshaft balancing, and CNC cylinder head upgrades. It’s a small investment for massive returns in performance.

Monster Big Bore Kit

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